The ideas and keys presented in this ebook are based on best practices from Fortune 1000 CXOs, contact center VPs, managers, and specialists in innovative contact centers.

“How do I get started with effortless, personal, omnichannel customer service?” 

This question is one that we frequently get from companies large, small, and everything in between. As much as the term “omnichannel” has been used—and overused—so few companies are actually offering it. People want easy, effortless omnichannel customer service but companies are failing to deliver. But innovative companies are doing it today and we will share some secrets for making it happen in your business.


Top 10 Keys: Creating, Measuring, and Improving Omnichannel Journeys

Research from IQPC, Gartner, Dimension Data, and others show that customers want effortless omnichannel journeys across channels, yet less than 15% of companies today offer seamless conversations. Most companies are also failing to measure key interactions across most channels for improvement. This e-book is intended to provide simple, straightforward guidance on how to create, measure, and improve great customer journeys.