Bright Pattern strengths as recognized by Frost & Sullivan (excerpts from the report):

  • All channels are native to the platform, enabling true omnichannel conversations. Omnichannel quality management is planned for Q4 2019 release. 
  • Bright Pattern is one of the first providers to offer customer service messaging apps, particularly in an omnichannel environment. 
  • Due to the simplicity of the platform, Bright Pattern offers low license costs and professional service fees at a fraction of the cost of many other cloud-based vendors (less than 5% of revenue comes from professional services). 
  • Bright Pattern’s R&D is heavily driven by customer/partner feedback. “Its recently launched QM product saw 80 top feature requests from partners,” according to the Buyers Guide.
  • Per Capterra and other “not for pay” customer review sites, Bright Pattern customers rank the company higher than virtually every other cloud contact center. 
  • The ability for customers to choose their own network provides an added layer of flexibility that many cloud providers do not offer.

Frost & Sullivan 2019 Contact Center Buyers Guide

This buyer’s guide examines the North American contact center market. It provides analyst commentary on the most important forces affecting the North American hosted/cloud contact center market.

It also highlights and assesses the capabilities of the top-performing North American cloud contact center providers.