CX spending is expected to increase by over 8% through 2022. However, companies should be strategic in their CX spending by focusing on omnichannel, cloud-based platforms, which offer greater fexibility and overall cost savings than piecemeal applications. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and robust knowledge bases in 2020, brands can go from flat to the top of Mount CX.

One major change for 2020 and beyond is the first wave of Gen Z have now graduated college and have entered the workforce (or as the kids like to say— “adulting”). Gen Z currently represents 27% of the US population, but by 2026, they will be the largest consumer group in the US. Society may dub Gen Z as the “always on” generation, but make no mistake, they are smart, savvy,and sensitive, and value brands that are transparent and authentic. Gen Z are visionaries, influencers, creators and entrepreneurs, and with attention spans of around 8 seconds, they expect brands to o er high-quality content and powerful tools like AI, chatbots, and advanced self-service options.


2020 Contact Center Trends: A Vision For the Future of Customer Experience

As we turn the page to a new decade, a vision for the future of CX emerges. Looking back at the past year, CX scores have once again remained flat. But with capabilities such as a single CX platform to manage the entire spectrum of channels, companies can now provide the best experience for everyone.

So raise a glass and give a toast to a new decade as we count down our list of the top 10 trends for 2020.