Strengths on Growth Axis (analyst quotes from the report):

  • “Bright Pattern has experienced impressive sales performance, above market average.”
  • “Bright Pattern is one of the highest R&D-spending companies in terms of budget composition (%).”
  • “Bright Pattern has developed cutting-edge AI capabilities and is one of the first cloud-agnostic platforms in the market.”
  • “Bright Pattern’s technology-based approach has powered its growth to become one of the most trusted vendors in Europe.”
  • “It offers a complete omnichannel solution, which includes a variety of digital channels.”
  • “Open to all key technologies (e.g., CRM, WFO, AI) so that customers can select from best-of-breed solutions.”

Strengths on Innovation Axis (analyst quotes from the report):

  • “Bright Pattern has adopted a mobile-first strategy and integrated mobile messaging with apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook.”
  • “The platform is differentiated by the ease of use and quick set up time. With a go-live set-up period of 1.6 months (on average), Bright Pattern’s speed of implementation is nearly half the average onboarding time for the CCaaS industry.”

Frost & Sullivan Radar Report

Bright Pattern places as a top vendor in the latest Frost & Sullivan 2020 Europe Radar Report. Coming off of a record growth year for Bright Pattern with over 100% bookings growth, the company is being recognized in the report for its growth and innovation, and was one of 18 vendors selected out of over 150 vendors reviewed. Frost & Sullivan independently plotted the top 18 companies in this Frost Radar analysis. Parameters assessed in the analysis included Innovation Scalability, Research and Development, Product Portfolio, Mega Trends Leverage, Customer Alignment, Growth Pipeline, Vision and Strategy, and Sales and Marketing.