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Discussion Topics:

  • Any Agent. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Be Prepared – We can learn from the Scouts
  • Clouds Have Clout
  • Dedicated to Mobile
  • Elevate CX with AI
  • Forecasting the Return to “Normal”
  • Get Your Business a CX Partner, Not Just a Vendor
  • Heroic AI “Super-Vision” for Quality Management
  • Invest Now in CX, But Choose Wisely
  • Jump Into a Platform That is Flexible Under Any Circumstance

2021 Customer Experience Trends: The ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center

For the 2021 CX Trends, we’re going to look past the pandemic into the near (hopefully) future and lay out a step-by-step blueprint of what the contact center should resemble. We’ll tackle the obvious changes like remote agents and cloud-based software, but we’ll also dig deeper into post-pandemic economics, advanced AI solutions, and why software vendor relationships will be more important than ever. 2020 has been one heck of a roller coaster, so now let’s turn to calmer waters as we outline the ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center.