Key Takeaways:

  • Like an 80s Flashback, Inflation is Here Again
  • Suddenly We’re All Supply Chain Experts
  • Hello, Is There Anyone There?
  • Any Agent. Any Time. Anywhere
  • Dedicated to Mobile
  • Elevate CX with AI
  • Clouds have Clout
  • Jump Into a Platform That is Flexible Under Any Circumstance
  • Workforce Management
  • Everyone is on Microsoft Teams
  • Automate Your Outbound
  • What IT Service Management Can Learn From the Contact Center
  • Now we have the conviction to make change

The Road to Resilience: The Bright Pattern Forecast for CX in 2022

When we published our outlook for 2021, we optimistically called it “The ABCs of Post Pandemic Contact Center”. After 2020, and with vaccines being introduced, we looked forward to a return to some normality. But if there’s one thing 2021 has taught us all, it is that normal doesn’t look quite the same as we remember it. So in what kind of a world are we living in 2022 and beyond? And how can we make the changes necessary to thrive in the “new normal”?