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eBook Introduction

It seems obvious. Customer service agents are often the primary point of contact with your customers. Wouldn’t you want those agents to be the best trained and most motivated employees? After all, your company’s reputation, satisfaction ratings, and profitability are at stake.

What’s more, engaged agents tend to stay with the same company for a longer period of time. The costs of replacing and retraining agents can be a tremendous drawdown on operational budgets, and the loss of institutional knowledge when an experienced agent walks out the door also impacts customer service center performance.

Here’s the good news: by making some smart investments in three essential areas, you can vastly improve agent engagement and equip them to better serve your customers.

Improving Customer Experience Through Agent Engagement

Whether the channel is voice, chat, video, or social, an agent’s attitude and experience matter. Agents who feel more valued by their employers are more motivated to resolve calls satisfactorily, more creative about finding solutions, and more willing to continue to improve their own knowledge and customer relationship skills. This e-book outlines how to shift to an empowered agent model.