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Whitepaper Introduction

Globalization used to only be a consideration by the world’s largest corporations and enterprise companies across the globe. Today, global companies are not necessarily limited to large enterprises. Every day, more medium sized and small companies are growing into global operations. There are many medium sized companies who do business in more than one country or continent. Typically, global companies have their headquarters in one country and a number of local offices in other countries with customers and local representatives.

If your company is thinking of expanding, that’s great, as this means that your business is thriving and turning a great profit. But before you celebrate your expansion, you must secure a flawless delivery of customer service.

Serving Customers Globally from the Cloud

While expanding your international footprint is exciting, deploying a global contact center can be exhausting and there are a few different technology models to consider. This white paper discusses challenges and considerations for taking your contact center operations global and explain the latest architecture options to address them.